3DDB Viewer Launched

3DDB Viewer

In recent years, the use of 3D data as a part of social and corporate activities has been increasing worldwide, and both providers and users of 3D data have been asking for a system to search and view a wide variety of 3D data. 3DDB Viewer is a web user interface for searching, visualizing, and downloading various 3D data (e.g., point clouds, structures, mesh etc.). Click here for the manual.


(Left)3D model Kasiwanoha-campus station area  FBX
(Center)Shiraito fall Takimi bridge area (Shizuoka Pointcloud databaseLAS
(Right)High resolution drone aerial image AIST Tsukuba center OBJ

<reference material : Japanese Webブラウザで完結する3Dデータ検索/閲覧システム(pdf)
If you are interested in publishing your 3D data in the 3DDB Viewer, please contact us at m-gsrt-contact-ml[a]aist.go.jp.